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Food for Countryside Moods


Food for Countryside Moods has its own website with all the recipes:

“Recipes inspired by the weather, season and the countryside”

The fresh air and ambience of the delightful countryside of the Peak District builds our appetites as we cross the hills, valleys and moors of one of England’s premier areas of natural beauty. The different moods of the landscape, whether it is the dark grey days of heavy mist, or the scintillating brightness of a fresh spring, engender the desire for food that responds to those moods.

The recipes drawn their originality from the countryside moods combined with the international flavours and tastes that are so much part of our modern cuisine. We present of fusion of cookery created from readily available fresh ingredients. The healthiness of walking the countryside is complemented by the carefully considered cooking methods which use tasty ingredients cooked in a light and nutritious way.

“One hundred and ten recipes each with a hint of being different.”

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Below there is a selection of each of the five seasons in Food for Countryside Moods. Visit

The Countryside Awakes

Ginger Salmon Risotto
Chorizo Cod on Bubble and Squeak
Baked Tuna with Spinach Cheese
Quick Beef Casserole
Courgette, Mushroom & Red Pepper Pizza

Lazy Hazy Days

Pork and Leek in a Sage and Onion Sauce
Nutty Tuna with Crispy Soy Stir Fry
Five Spice Gammon Rice Cakes
Salmon & Watercress Pie with Yogurt Pastry
Turkey Skewers Satay Sauce

Fires of Autumn

Glazed Swordfish on a Pinenut and Mushroom Risotto
Chicken Bacon and Feta Canelloni
Lamb and Vegetable Pasty
Salmon on Chilli Cheese Macaroni
Smoked Mackerel Pasta with Asparagus Topping

Grey Days

Chicken in a Cheese and Sorrel Sauce
Lamb Cobbler with Cheese and Mustard Scones
Lamb Leg with a Red Wine and Raspberry Reduction
Lamb Casserole with Minted Pastry Medallions
Smoked Cod, Cheese and Spinach Parcels

Crisp and Even

Chill Pollack
Creamy Chicken Curry
Beef, Cider and Mustard Casserole
Turkey Dinner
Simple Chunky Vegetable Soup