The Creative Peak

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Our fiction ranges from intriguing thrillers, through murder mysteries to modern romantic tales. We also have contemporary fiction and have just launched our first historical novel.

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The Literary Way

“Twenty-one circular walks explore the writers and landscape of the Peak District”

Samuel Johnson, George Eliot, Alexandre Dumas, Mary Shelley, Charlotte Bronte, Lord Byron, Daniel Defoe, Sir Walter Scott, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, D H Lawrence, Agatha Christie, George Bernard Shaw, E M Forster, Ben Jonson, Robert Louis Stephenson, William Wordsworth, Alison Uttley and many more. Twenty-one chapters, each with its own circular walk, map and instructions. Over one hundred and thirty original black and white photographs taken by the author. information about the writers, putting them into the context of the Peak District with short quotes from their work.

We have an entire website dedicated to The Literary Way(with all walks for download)

Food for Countryside Moods

“Recipes inspired by the weather, season and the countryside”

The fresh air and ambience of the delightful countryside of the Peak District builds our appetites as we cross the hills, valleys and moors of one of England’s premier areas of natural beauty. The different moods of the landscape, whether it is the dark grey days of heavy mist, or the scintillating brightness of a fresh spring, engender the desire for food that responds to those moods. The recipes draw their originality from the countryside moods combined with the international flavours and tastes that are so much part of our modern cuisine. We present of fusion of cookery created from readily available fresh ingredients. The healthiness of walking the countryside is complemented by the carefully considered cooking methods which use tasty ingredients cooked in a light and nutritious way.

“One hundred and ten recipes each with a hint of being different.”

Vist the Food for Countryside Moods website for the recipes from the book which are available for easy download. Food for Countryside Mood - Buying Details

Peak District

We are based in the Peak District National Park, Derbyshire, in England. As well as the details about our books we also have some local information for visitors and walks. There are free walks to download which are within or on the edge of the National Park that allow the walkers to enjoy the wonderful local scenery. In addition we have picked out a number of places to visit. We have included market towns, country houses and popular areas for walking.